thankfully i have radiohead on my iphone

i haven’t been the most positive person lately.

i applied for the perfect job and i haven’t heard back from them yet. i feel like if i’m not good enough for them i’m going to have to start from scratch. jjghgdgfxcnbhmjkjkiyutredasdfgkl;

i miss the days when finding a job was something you could do in person. like human to human. im better in human than in computer. at first, i was scared to meet people from okcupid in person and i just wanted to message. then i started meeting people in person and realized it was about 1000% better than messaging. why can’t this job be like okcupid!?

you can’t get a FEEL for someone when you’re messaging. you can’t CLICK with someone. and i just KNOW that if i had the chance to meet this current job in person, we would CONNECT.

but instead, we’re stuck connecting over the shitty internet. fuck the internet.


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