hi im single and open to open relationships

so i recently started dating a guy from OkC who is in an open relationship. yes, one of those. one of those couples where both partners are on OkC and link to one another’s OkC profiles in their self-summaries (how cute.) i’m all about using OkC as a method of exposing myself to new people and subcultures. sometimes i go on OkC dates and pretend I’m Louis Theroux. So i was PSYCHED when this guy asked me out and I could get some non-monogamous polyamorous way of the future exposure or something.

and i was also attracted to him. and i am open in every way (most ways) to open relationships.

the date went well. it was one of the more “date” dates i’ve been on on OkC, like the kind where you actually get to know one another and try to be charming etc. I held my own. At the end we went for a walk and he told me he liked me (eeee!) and then we made out near a lake.


The rules, I learned, are defined completely by the relationship. Non-monogamous means both people are free to have sex with other people. Polyamorous means both people are free to fall in love with other people.

I am single. Meaning I can fuck and love whoever i want to. That, and i’m pretty sure most people assume I’m desperately lonely and depressed, which I sometimes (ONLY SOMETIMES) am.

I see the benefits of dating a non-monogamous/polyamorous guy as such (i don’t know which the guy i’m dating is, I was too afraid to ask):

-Less pressure

-Less stress

-Less pressure

-Everything points to be yourself!


And the cons as such:

-Wtf is going on

-Stop imagining him being committed. Stop it!

We have another date Sunday. Let’s just say FUCK YEAH!/im scared.


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