Molly Media Mayhem

I love all of the recent headlines in the media that go like “Music Festival Cancelled After Two Die From Molly” and then when you get to the article they’re like “oh p.s. there’s been no tox screen done yet and the official causes of death hasn’t been determined.” Nothing like cohesive reporting.

IMG_8108im not really into that let’s do molly and go dance to electronic music scene. but i’ve taken molly a couple times at music festivals, festivals that were more alman brothers than benny benassi, but same idea. thankfully i was with experienced people who kept me safe.

what the media has almost entirely missed in their lazy reporting on these “molly” stories is how frequently the drugs people buy or take at festivals are not actually the drugs they’re told they are.

more responsible and experienced people will plan ahead and buy molly from someone they trust ahead of time. but a lot of people will buy it or take it from someone they met 5 minutes ago at the actual festival/concert. there’s no relationship there, no trust. that’s when it gets dangerous because there could be any kind of nasty drug in that white powder but the naive consumer has no idea.

tumblr_m1vxa9irkf1qk03yyo1_400 (1)

up until very recently, premarital sex was considered unsafe and immoral. we taught young people abstinence, we thought teaching them about birth control would be encouraging them to have sex. then we realized kids were having premarital sex even with abstinence education.

so we smartened up. we stopped making women feel ashamed of being on the pill and high schoolers put condoms on bananas. and rates of unplanned pregnancies and STDs went down. there’s a parallel situation here for party drugs.

we can continue teaching abstinence and continue to be ignored. or we can encourage abstinence but teach the basics of how drugs can be taken in a way that minimizes negative consequences.

because you can take molly safely. people do it all the time. the difference between people who take molly safely and those who don’t is how they go about doing it.



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