OkC pick-up line of 2013: “but i’m a feminist”

ok guys. can we please quit it with the whole i’m a feminist thing? i don’t even know how many okc profiles i’ve come across that list “feminist” in the “my self-summary.”

I’m sorry, but i have become really suspicious of that. i mean i have no doubt that men can be feminists, but really? that’s how you define yourself? i mean no one ever says they’re anti-racism or anti-homophobia etc. etc. in their self-summary. i can’t help but be slightly suspicious that this new wave of feminist men on okc are kind of trying to, oh i dont know, appeal to more women or something.

i was open-minded at first. i was. but then i actually started bringing up the topic of feminism with these self-identified feminists after we started messaging a little. that’s when i lost hope.

like this one guy, i challenged him to a contest. who can find the most sexist current event story on the internet. i came back with this http://www.theatlantic.com/sexes/archive/2013/07/when-judges-assume-that-men-cannot-control-their-own-sexual-urges/277880/

he came back with a youtube video of some chick twerking in walmart. no joke. the guy who listed “feminist” as the first part of his self-summary. twerking is apparently his archenemy.

at first i thought he might be trying to be ironic or something, but he wasn’t. he was serious. at least he admitted he had lost. i found it really strange though, because many feminists actually look down on people who get offended by feminine sexual expression i.e. twerking.

so. “feminists” of okc. either read your simone de beauvoir and margaret atwood or step away from the term.


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