a canvassing introvert

your doorbell is the button i press to interrupt your life. you’re cooking dinner. you’re working. you’re entertaining company. you’re masturbating. you’re watching reality tv. you’re trying to understand what’s happening in Syria.

but now im at your door, demanding your attention.  im not an email that you can glance at then ignore. my physical presence forces you to follow some kind of human decency and hear me out on why i think you should vote for my candidate. so far i’ve done this to about 200 of you likely Cambridge voters.

as an introvert, this hasn’t been so easy for me. believe me, i feel the full weight of how slightly obnoxious it is for a stranger to pull you out of your “me time.” i get it. i would slightly hate me too. if it makes you feel any better, i slightly hate talking to you too. i’m a quiet person as it is and i’m more of a listener than a talker. so in order to talk to you, i have to put on my extrovert mask, which is really uncomfortable because it doesn’t fit right.

but at the same time, there aren’t that many better reasons for a stranger to invade your “me time” than for the reason i have. just like there aren’t many other reasons for me to put myself in my uncomfortable extrovert mask. because in a couple months your going to cast a vote. and that vote won’t only affect you and it won’t only affect me, it will affect all of us. it will affect families who are struggling to get by and it will determine whether central square loses it’s character that we all love. this is what i tell myself every time i reach for that doorbell that’s about to interrupt your life.

i don’t like canvassing. there are brief golden moments when someone wants to talk to me about how they think there should be more high density housing or how they think such and such intersection should be a rotary. i love that. but mostly it’s walking around smelling what everyone is having for dinner, when i haven’t eaten since 11am. mostly it’s hours and hours of being a slight annoyance to 75 people in a row.

but then i overhear a couple of people walking down the street, complaining about the new commercial construction project that’s going in and how they’re pissed off about the road congestion it will bring. that’s when i feel a huge wave of reassurance that this is what i want to be doing. because the alternative is doing what your doing, looking at a problem and standing still.


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