new “job”

my mom doesn’t think my new job is actually a job. i told her about the $400 monthly stipend. she remains unconvinced.  she has this thing where she thinks jobs are supposed to earn you a livable wage. she keeps forwarding me emails from her friends with links and connections to 9-5s with benefits and real salaries. it’s so weird to have all these almost strangers looking out for me all of a sudden. I feel so lucky. And kind of suffocated.

but i’m excited about my new job, or whatever you call it when you’re not really paid to work. i’m a “fellow” (god that title makes me feel like such a  man) for a Cambridge city council campaign. the candidate is progressive, young, smart, charismatic. the campaign manager really seems to have his shit together.

i love cambridge. to me, it’s the center of massachusetts. and i’m so deeply in love with massachusetts right now.

i want to pour myself into a campaign again. i want that feeling back of losing myself in a cause. being a part of that surreal kind of team where you forget that you’re individual people.

and it’s only till November. it’s 2.5 months of my life. it sounds like the perfect way to spend 2.5 months of my life.


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