sometimes on okcupid i fall in love in an hour. i look at his photos and think about our genes meshing. i read his profile and wonder if it’d be natural between us the morning after sex. what he’s like in a fight. how amusing he would be. if he’s as insane as….

then we start messaging, and it’s like the dream gets a chance to breath, to come alive. all of those long term intentions suddenly become real possibilities.

but only for an hour. it’s like a campfire, it’s beautiful when it lasts, but you can’t make it last forever.



One comment

  1. marylourose

    Hahahaaaa OMG…. I reluctantly started an OKC profile too not too Long ago…. I have my own reason, mostly out of curiosity (there are 20 million people in Southern California). I will follow ur shenanigans and feel free to follow mine 🙂

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