Okcupid on vacation/ naked in the Atlantic

It’s been pouring all day. I’m on martha’s vineyard for the week, with my family.

He messaged me, and within an hour of that i was in his beat up honda, his black lab in the back seat, on our way to the beach. In the rain.

We stood in the warm sprinkling rain on the beach for awhile, throwing his dog a tennis ball, chatting about our lives. He’s here as a personal chef for rich people on the Vineyard. We traded good stories. He’s sweet and cute. And sexy. Training for a triathlon. He has an adorable dog.

And we were totally alone on this beautiful beach, because of the rain.

So we took our clothes off and swam in the Atlantic. It was wavy and slightly stormy. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. There wasn’t any pressure at all. Okay, I drank some pinot grigio beforehand which probably helped with any potential awkwardness. But what really took any awkwardness out of it was the fact that we were both so anti-pressure. We both just said whatever was on our mind. Swept away by the magic of it all.

And that was the time i went swimming nude with a stranger in the Atlantic. I highly recommend it.


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