What makes kcupid different than match.com?

I’ve been thinking about what makes okcupid different than match.com or other dating sites. It seems like match.com is definitely bigger and better established. I’ve never used match.com and I’ve never considered using it. But for some reason right I heard about OKcupid and had no issue using it. I thought it was a super idea. For some reason I knew I definitely didn’t want to use match.com and I definitely did want to use okcupid. That’s kind of weird, right?

When I used to see match.com commercials on TV, I always thought GROSS. I always thought I would never ever use a site like that. It seemed so contrived and desperate and bullshit. 

Even though Kcupid is probably really similar to match.com, I felt so much more comfortable using it. I think because Kcupid doesn’t have TV commercials. That sounds weird but it’s true. I’ve never seen Kcupid commercials or even advertisements.

It seems that kcupid gains members by word of mouth, not mass advertising. I’ve asked several people on kcupid how they heard about kcupid, and it’s all been word of mouth. (I doubt anyone on match.com hasn’t seen a match.com commercial.) Because of the word of mouth factor, kcupid seems to attract people who are in general more alternative, more countercultural, more artsy. It also makes me more comfortable using it because someone I know and respect referred me to it, not some actor on tv.



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