my 1st okcupid date.. coming up

okay SO i have a date set up for Wednesday.

and im way less nervous that I thought I would be. the thing i realized about online dating is that there really is no reason to get nervous.

this is the perspective to take on every okcupid date:

OK this might be the love of my life. but it probably won’t be. But meeting my soul mate is only a small part of the reason i’m on this date. mostly it is to meet a new human being. to have a new experience. to connect with a person who for some reason we both felt like there was something worth connecting over in person. That is the point.

And that is why there is no pressure.

And that is why I’m not nervous.

This “date,” if you could even call it that lol. We’re going to wander around the city with secret drinks. is that a date? if so, the definition of date just improved.

Anyways this date is simply an opportunity to grow as a person, to meet someone new, to put myself in a new situation that will teach me something. Once you stop trying to find that special someone off okcupid, it becomes so much easier to use okcupid as a tool to just having a more interesting, fulfilling, and exciting life. i mean that’s been the goal of my early 20’s since i hit em’.


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