seasons of love… i mean resumes

i’ve realized i’ve become kind of obsessed with how we capture ourselves to be seen by other people. we capitulate our whole selves into a tiny time capsule that goes whizzing around the internets. and it’s not only social media. it’s resumes made of paper.

i just found the resume i used when i was in-between my first and second job. it was so straightforward. there was no personality. i was trying to just list as much stuff as possible that i thought would be most impressive.

but when i read it im not impressed. i dont get who this person is. and i dont believe she’s awesome. no one is awesome at that many responsibilities and activities in one job. whatever her talent is, she doesn’t know it yet. or if she knows it, she doesn’t know how to express it. which means she doesn’t know how to really use it.

im really thankful for my 2nd job. i felt whole. it gave me a lot of direction for who i am and where i’m going.

i think this is what it feels like. the american dream. it feels a lot like a ladder, but one that’s not only economical–also social and creative and collaborative. and im so thankful for that. and it makes me know that this is what we need to work for, for everyone to have a ladder.


rereading this today. funny how i used 1st and 2nd job, when it was actually like my 8th and 9th job. there was mucking horse stalls, american food busboy i mean busgirl, french bistro hostess,  italian food runner, organic european cafe barista, Neapolitan pizza waitress, dog walker, cleaning hotel rooms, teacher’s assistant.


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