choosing a profile photo

choosing a profile photo on okcupid is complicated. it’s a balance.

i started off with a cute “selfie” )god i hate that word) of my face. i have a half-smile, it was a great hair day.

then an influx of bros started  pooring in.

So i went for a more artsy selfie. the brain bro ratio improved.

but i wanted more. so i went for a photo from new years taken at a warehouse party. it’s a close up of me dancing, i have a cute jumper on. my long hair is up in the air, swinging across my face as i move, covering my eyes. it’s fun, i don’t give a fuck i just wanna dance me.

way less responses with fun i just wanna dance me. a couple high quality, but still some douch bags. how the fuck do you spell douch bags.

so almost no new views or messages or quick matches ALL DAY!

So about ten minutes ago i switched my profile photo back to the first photo i uploaded. cute, half-smile, sexy hair me. and 10 minutes after switching photos, literally 9 new views and 2 new messages.

bottom line is, the worst thing about okcupid is that appearances matter too much. and there’s no exact answer to the question of what type of photo you can put up to attract guys you’re interested in. Pretty sexy me attracts more attention over all, from guys im into and guys im not. artsy i dont give a fuck me attracts less attention from both groups, but a higher ratio of guys im into. this is what we call okcupid math. maybe even okcupid calculus.


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