some ridiculous questions from OKcupid

So okcupid chooses to show you particular people based on how you answer hundreds of their personality questions. They span from sex, to relationships, to ethics, to politics, to lifestyle, to totally random. You give your answer, the answer you want your potential partner to give, and how important the answer is to you. Most of them are kind of normal/understandable. Here are some I found particularly hilarious/disturbing/enlightening.

Imagine that you come home to find a partner pouring red wine all over a stranger’s naked body and then licking it off. Which, if any of the following, would bother you most?

The spilled wine.

The cheating.

The fact that I was not invited to join in.

Actually, this would not bother me.


Have you ever tasted your own sexual fluids?


No, and I would never

No, but I would


Would you consider using drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist to improve your personality?




Imagine you wake up one day to discover that there is a button implanted behind your ear. Pressing the button creates a level of paralyzing pleasure more intense than anything you have ever experienced. Reaction?

Use it continually.

Use it frequently.

Use it occasionally.

Leave the button alone.


Do you generally smile at little kids who cross your path?



Only if no one is looking


You witness your next door neighbors discreetly smoking marijuana on their own property. How do you respond?

I call the police immediately.

I warn them that next time I’ll call the police.

I ask them if I can join in.

I don’t .

I’m as friendly (or not) as always.


Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce?




Is a guy who’s slept with 100 girls a bad person?




Would you consider being in a relationship with someone who has had homosexual sex?



I’m Not Sure / Depends how serious it was



  1. trippyb

    You left out the one about nuclear war being exciting… I’m thinking of creating a profile and giving the most fucked up responses I can think of and see who it matches me up with….

  2. manon1979

    Never saw the button behind the ear question, but will have to keep my eye open for that one. A lot of those questions are really messed up and most of them don’t give you enough answer choices anyway.

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