i could talk about okcupid forever

did i mention joining okcupid is the best thing you could ever do when you get out of a serious and emotionally traumatic relationship? 

well, it is. 

it’s even more than that. my relationship was not healthy. it was very inter-dependent. we spent way too much time with each other and found we had lost a lot of our friends when we got out of it. spending so much time with one person, then losing that person, feels truly awful.

But im not naturally an isolated person, and i never have been. I’ve always been really interested in new people. I hate small talk, but once i find an iota of spectacular to latch onto i can ask almost anyone questions for hours. im naturally pretty shy but also really open and i get high off deep and edgy conversation.

Being able to remember myself. remember how awesome i really am. it’s been so long since i regularly met and connected with new people. and it feels awesome to be that person again. that girl who has a sassy answer to every question, who’s more intelligent and well-read than you thought, who has a thoughtful question to probe you with. FUCK. i missed her. i forgot she even existed. 


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